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    HookTek is a cutting edge manufacturer of Fishing Apparel. We strive to produce products that look good and perform in the most adverse conditions. Look Good, Feel Good, Catch Fish!

    We are all Driven to Catch!  It is that unexplained feeling that sits in the deepest part of your body and soul, that pulls at you, to get out on the water and chase your fish species of choice. For many it is a life long passion that does not compare to anything else. The preparation and thrill of the chase and catch are what you live for. Fishing calls you, a passion, an obsession, an addiction, maybe even a sickness. The drive builds over time and it includes all that we love about the sport.  Each person has a fishing spot that is filled with the laughter of their buddies, however big or small, young or old. This is where legendary stories of varying truth are forged and life's precious memories are made.  

    So we have to ask, are you Driven to Catch?

    Our team is inspired by the many diverse fisheries across the USA and the world. Throughout our travels we have been fortunate enough to fish the best of the interior US, South Coast, East Coast, West Coast and Canada whether it be In Shore, Near Shore, Off Shore or Fly. Every one of these fishing experiences was unique and left us wanting more. One thing that became apparent is that being a fisherman or fisherwoman makes you part of an amazing group of people that are all driven by the same passion. We challenge you to find a more welcoming group of people. We believe that the sport of fishing is best shared and experienced in comfort. The importance of the right fishing apparel, and gear in adverse conditions can greatly impact your fishing experience and success. That is why we strive to provide leading edge gear that provides protection from the blazing sun, pouring rain, whipping wind, and blistering cold so that you can catch fish and look good while doing it. 

    We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, we welcome your feedback and look forward to more fishing adventures. If you like what you see, please share our information with your friends and others who are also Driven to Catch. 

    To the one that got away that was definitely bigger than your buddies fish, Happy Fishing and Hopefully Catching,

    The Hooktek Team